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Premiering in May, 1999, AdirondackWood.com is designed and maintained in the Adirondack region and provides a convenient source for finding wood products made in the 14-county region in Upstate New York.

Use the Search Directory tab above to locate the product or company you are looking for. Once you find the company that satisfies your search, you can easily contact them with the information provided. By purchasing directly from these businesses - or the local retailers they recommend - you support the economy and communities of the Adirondacks.

If you want to purchase an Adirondack-made product online, AdirondackCraft.com offers a wide variety of products that reflect the fine craftsmanship and rustic charm of the Adirondacks. Each purchase directly supports the local artisans, craftspeople and designers who are an integral part of the Adirondack experience.

Owners of wood-based businesses in the region can click on the Update Listing tab for instructions and links on easily adding or updating information for your company. The map below identifies the region served by AdirondackWood.com. If your company is located outside the region, we are unable to add your listing at this time.

Adirondack Region of NYS

AdirondackWood.com is supported in part by the following organizations and funding sources:

The Adirondack North Country Association

U.S. Forest Service, Rural Development Through Forestry Grant

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

USDA-SBIR Award, 2000

North East State Foresters Association, Northern Forest Partnership Small Grants Program

Related research, reports, and activities include:

Value Added Wood Products Marketing Guide (USFS, 2010): http://www.na.fs.fed.us/pubs/detail.cfm?id=5220