Current as of February 8, 2010
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Mill and Hammer

Mailing Address
Mill and Hammer
PO Box 208   
Bloomingdale, NY 12913
County Essex
Town of St. Armand
Physical Address 1101 County Route 60
Contact Details
Phone 518-891-8470
Owner Jonathan Gorgas
Sales Details
Product Listing Log structures, railings, arbors and lean-tos. Unique flowerboxes and rustic crafts. Logs and birch bark.
Sales Type Custom
Keywords Rustic, Lean-to, log
Business Description
Mill and Hammer Contracting builds rustic landscape and garden structures such as lean-tos and arbors along with custom built log railings. We produce hollowed log flowerpots and slab window boxes. Also supplying rustic building materials such as logs, burls, roots and birch bark.
Portable bandsaw sawmill and land management services also available.

Summary of Main Products:
Log Lean-tos ~ Rustic Building Materials

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Major Product Categories
Decorative, Rustic and Artistic Items
Building Products and Interior Components
Decorative, Rustic and Artistic Items
Rustic Decor Items
Rustic Furnishings
Sawmill Products
Rustic Wood