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Title Certified County Website Phone
Adirondack Molding and Millwork Clinton 518-643-8118
Aloof Doors Clinton http://www.aloofdoors.com 518-834-5520
Caron Fine Wood Products, Inc. Clinton 518-298-5660
Cedar Knoll Log Homes, Inc. Clinton http://www.cedarknollloghomes.com 518-563-3810
Goddeau Logging and Sawmill Clinton 518-293-7537
Joy Timber Products Clinton 518-493-2783
Saranac Hollow Wood Working Yes Clinton http://www.saranachollow.com 518-293-8424
Steele Truss Company, Inc. Clinton http://www.steeltrusses.net 518-562-4663
Terry Mountain Millwork Clinton 518-643-2549
The Adirondack Woodturner Clinton 518-643-8427
Tom Nicholas Custom Woodwork Clinton http://www.nicholaswoodwork.com 518-643-8660
Adirondack Hardwoods Yes Clinton http://www.saranachollow.com 518-293-8424
Earthworks Clinton http:// 518-843-3127
Branching-Out Clinton http://branching-out.com 518-561-8086
L. Post Rustics Clinton http://www.lpostrustics.com 518-647-5114
Adirondack Wood Artisan Clinton http://adirondackwoodartisan.com 5184944082
Ace Woodwork Essex 518-873-6633
Adirondack Furniture Essex 518-891-0163
Adirondack Log Works Essex http://www.adirondacklogworks.com 518-532-9473
Adirondack Rustics Essex http://www.adkrustics.com/ 518-532-9384
Amstutz Woodworking LLC Essex http://www.amstutztimberframes.com 518-946-2662
Champlain Cedar, Inc. Essex 518-834-5200
Delmar Box Company Essex 518-585-6751
Essex Box and Pallet Essex 518-834-7279
Essex Industries Essex http://www.essexindustries.org 518-942-6671
George Jaques Essex 518-576-2214
Hickory Hill Woodworks Yes Essex 518-962-4895
Hornbeck Boat Yes Essex 518-251-2764
Jean Ashworth Essex 518-946-2449
North Country Wood Works Essex 518-523-4531
Pisces Paddles Essex 518-576-2628
R.W. Schuler Woodworking Essex 518-692-2369
Spencer Boatworks Essex http://www.antiqueandclassicboats.com 518-891-5828
Swallowtail Studio Essex http://www.swallowtailstudio.com 518-946-7439
Vincent Woodcrafters, Inc. Essex 518-946-2569
Ward Lumber, Inc. Essex http://www.wardlumber.com 518-946-2113
Wes Whitney Woodworking Essex 518-576-9012
White Lumber Essex 518-963-1187
Bald Mountain Rustics - Rustic Furniture & arbors Essex http://baldmountainrustics.com 518-576-9916
Adirondack Pet Urns Yes Essex http://adirondackpeturns.com 518-597-3888
Olympic Tree & Land Management, Inc. Essex http://www.olympictree.com 518-891-5060
Mill and Hammer Essex http://www.millandhammer.com 518-891-8470
Bear Run Woodworking Essex http:// 5185246523
Adirondack Enterprises Franklin 518-359-2158
Adirondack Wood Furnishings Franklin http://www.adirondackfurnishings.com 518-483-1250
Brendan Richardson Franklin 518-856-0241
Garland's Sawmill Franklin 518-483-5771
Goods From The Woods Franklin 518-891-0156
Gordon B. Keyes, Cabinetmaker Franklin 518-327-3397
Heritage Woodworks Franklin 518-358-9663
Jean Armstrong Franklin 518-359-9983
Major Pieces Franklin 518-891-5075
Perry's Custom Woodworking, Inc. Franklin http://www.perryscustomwoodworking.com 518-425-3349
Phillip Johnston Franklin 518-358-4476
Thomas Phillips Rustic Furniture Franklin 518-359-9648
Valco Furniture Usa, Inc. Franklin 518-481-6550
Woodward Boat Shop Franklin 518-891-3961
John Gillis Cabinetry, Inc. Yes Franklin http://www.adirondackcabinetmaker.com 518-354-2196
Robert Salamy Custom Woodworking Franklin 518-359-9552
Adirondack Wood Products Fulton 518-725-1716
Bruce Ginter Fulton 518-863-8481
Cromling Pallet Fulton 518-883-5389
Custom Woodcraft Company Fulton 518-661-5914
Greens Custom Snow Shoes Fulton 518-883-3703
Havilick Snowshoe Co. Fulton 518-661-6447
Peter Winter Fulton 518-863-6555
Pj Murphy Forest Products Fulton 973-316-0800
W. Argnostopoles Fulton 518-762-8969
Landmark Log Building Fulton http://landmarklogbuilding.com 5187255078
Adirondack Guideboat Shop Hamilton 518-648-0185
Backwoods Furnishings Hamilton 518-251-3327
Cold River Wood Works Hamilton 518-624-3581
Jerry's Wood Shop Hamilton 518-548-5041
Orra Sawmill Hamilton 518-863-4810
Rustic Wood Creations, Inc. Hamilton 518-548-5181
Truly Adirondack Crafts Hamilton http://www.adirondackcraft.com/XPH/tac/ManufacturerProducts.htm 518-548-8717
F.E. Hale Manufacturing Co. Herkimer http://www.halebookcases.com 315-894-5490
Falvo Manufacturing Co., Inc. Herkimer 315-724-7925
Herkimer Pallet and Wood Herkimer 315-866-4591
Ideal Wood Products, Inc. Herkimer 315-823-1124
North Hudson Woodcraft, Corp. Herkimer 315-429-3105
Rawlings Sporting Goods Herkimer http://www.rawlings.com 315-429-3412
Revival Industries, Inc. Herkimer 315-866-8140
Delnero Furniture Herkimer http://delnero.com 315-823-0303
Associated Harvest, Inc. Jefferson 315-658-2926
Clement's Burrville Sawmill, Inc. Jefferson 315-782-4549
Curtis Furniture Company Jefferson 315-782-7363
Ferguson Decoys Jefferson http://www.fergusondecoys.com 315-846-5116
Hart Woodworks Jefferson 315-846-5689
Jim Illingworth Millwork, LLC Jefferson http://www.jimillingworthmillwork.com 315-232-3433
Tallman Wood Products Jefferson 315-493-0926
The Natural Basket Shop Jefferson 315-644-4821
Timeless Frames Jefferson 315-782-3302
Williams Wood Products Jefferson 315-583-5345
AMF Bowling Products Lewis http://www.amf.com 315-376-6541
Carew Woodworks Lewis 315-599-7047
Johnson Lumber Co., LLC Lewis http://www.johnsonlumberllc.com 315-493-1774
R and R Classic Wood Work Lewis 315-493-4416
Royal Custom Cabinets Lewis 315-376-6042
The Old Mill Woodshop, LLC Lewis 315-376-0145
R&R Classic Wood Work Lewis http:// 405-5146
Benesch Creative Enterprise Oneida http://www.gpoconnect.net/beneschwood 315-865-8257
Bowers and Sons Hardwood Lumber Oneida 315-337-1621
Custom Woodcraft Oneida 315-843-4234
Donald Utter Woodcrafts Oneida 315-865-6056
E.L.M. Woodworking Oneida 315-831-5305
Harden Furniture Oneida 315-245-1000
Mcdonough Lumber, Inc. Oneida 315-829-3449
Mcintosh Box and Pallet, Rome Oneida http://www.mcintoshbox.com 315-446-9350
N. M. Sargent's Sons, Inc. Oneida 315-942-2215
Niemetz Cabainet and Millwork Co. Oneida 315-736-1881
Northern Forest Products, Inc. Oneida 315-942-5415
Qualitity Framing Systems, Inc. Oneida http://www.qcwallpanels.com 315-768-1167
R.A. Dudrak, Inc. Oneida 315-865-5517
Shady Hills Woodworks Oneida 315-942-4281
Storex Systems, Inc. Oneida 315-339-5151
Working Wood Co. Oneida 315-896-6782
NorthWind/Ferris Studios Oneida http://www.ferrisstudios.com 315 942-4421
Frank Vellone Woodworking Oneida http://frankvellone.com 315-865-6442
Custom Cabinetry Oswego 315-342-3455
Hilliker Enterprises Oswego 315-298-7396
Lakeshore Hardwoods Oswego http://www.lakeshorehardwoods.com 315-298-6407
Mcintosh Box and Pallet, Bern. Bay Oswego 315-446-9350
Mike's Custom Cabinets Oswego http://www.mikescustomcabinets.com 315-623-9461
Raymomd Stevens Sawmill Oswego 315-598-3906
Twin Mills Lumber Co., Inc. Oswego 315-598-6178
Wares Of Wood Oswego 315-964-2983
A.C. Duell and Sons, Inc. Yes Oswego 315-963-8917
Adirondack Log Home Company West, Inc. Oswego http://www.loghomecompany.com 315-529-0987
Salmon River Log Home Supply Yes Oswego http:// 315-298-9990
Academy Lumber Saratoga 518-885-1091
Al's American Dartboards Saratoga http://www.americandartboards.com 518-237-6331
Bennett Stair Company Saratoga 518-384-1554
Bigelow's Cabinet Shop Saratoga 518-584-8870
Brownell Lumber Co. Saratoga 518-863-4337
Capital District Stairs, Inc. Saratoga 518-383-2449
Germain Mantels Saratoga http://www.germainmantels.com 518-882-9697
Germain Stairs and Millwork Saratoga http://www.germainmantels.com 518-882-9697
Laskey Lumber Saratoga 518-885-9384
Loeffler Lumber Saratoga 518-893-2165
Michael Vogt Custom Woodworking Saratoga 518-584-0641
Otis Wood, LLC Saratoga 518-235-5815
Pallet Recyclers Of New York, Inc Saratoga 518-587-7490
Zanetti Arch. Millwork Saratoga 518-587-1363
Saratoga Arc/Alpha Industries Saratoga http://www.fire-bag.com 518-587-5747
The Creamery Saratoga 518-695-6652
Thurman Molding Saratoga 518-623-9775
Unlimited Potential, Inc. Saratoga 518-587-8853
Woody Herman Antiques Saratoga 518-882-1523
Eclectiks Saratoga http://www.eclectiks.com 518.693.6956
B-R Woodworking Co. Inc. Saratoga http:// 518-882-9811
Artisan Inlay Saratoga http://www.artisaninlay.com 518-879-4541
Jim Smith Designs Saratoga http://www.jimsmithdesigns.com 518.695.4982
Drumms Sawmill Saratoga http://sdrumm1@nycap.rr.com 5185831168
Bestway Of New York, Inc. St Lawrence 315-287-2732
Brothers Lumber and Millwork, Inc. St Lawrence 315-384-4146
Custom Hardwoods St Lawrence 315-347-1770
Duffy's Gen. and Spec. Millwork St Lawrence 315-393-8553
Fish Creek Waterfowl St Lawrence 315-344-7166
Foothills Forest Products St Lawrence 315-328-4915
River Road Lumber St Lawrence 315-543-2203
Thurman and Sons, Inc. St Lawrence 315-344-7232
YesterYear’s Vintage Doors St Lawrence http://http://www.vintagedoors.com/ 315-324-5250
Carpenter Creations Warren 518-623-2266
Chester Creek Woodworks Warren 518-494-0003
Craig Wright Enterprises Warren 518-623-9337
French Mountain Log Homes Warren 518-798-3307
French Mt. Forest Products, Inc. Warren 518-798-3307
Great Eastern Lumber Warren 518-251-2345
Hacker Boat Co. Warren http://www.hackerboat.com 518-543-6666
Jack Sweet Warren 518-623-4341
K.D. Wheeler Custom Signs Warren 518-793-2620
Lincoln Logs, Ltd. Warren 518-494-5500
Modern Millwork Company Warren 518-793-5731
North Creek Woodworking Warren 518-251-2345
Northeastern Products Corp. Warren http://www.nep-co.com 518-623-3161
Northern Hardwoods Yes Warren 518-668-4501
Paradox Mountain Strings Warren 518-494-0835
Prime Wood Products Warren 518-792-1407
Riverside Truss Warren 518-494-2412
Specialties Unlimited Warren 518-696-3234
Stephenson Lumber Co., Inc. Warren 518-494-4733
Thatcher Brook Millwork and Door Warren 518-761-0568
The Pine Plank Warren 518-644-9420
The Wood Carte, Inc. Warren 518-793-7655
Thomas W. Brady Furniture Maker Warren http://www.adirondackcraft.com/XPH/tb/ManufacturerProducts.htm 518-644-9801
Martin's Lumber Warren http://www.persisgranger.com/Adk_Martins.htm 518-623-9595
New Wood Picnic Tables Warren http://www.nwpicnictables.com 518-321-2641
W.M. Builders Yes Warren http:// 623-4370
ADIRONDACK CEDAR CHAIRS Warren http://www.adirondackcedarchairs.com 5186683020
ADK Log Furniture Warren http://www.adklogfurniture.com 518.223.0537
Adirondack Wilderness Ltd Warren http://www.adkwild.com 5184943556
StoriedBoards Yes Warren http://storiedboards.com (518) 227-0899
Country Mill Lumber and Pallets Washington 518-642-2316
Creative Woodworking Washington 518-747-6741
Darilee Industries Washington 518-499-0813
Dimensional Mills, Inc. Washington 518-746-1047
Dux Dekes Decoy Co. Washington http://www.duxdekes.com 518-692-7703
Hollister Woodworks, Inc. Washington 518-642-2248
Mead Lumber Co., Inc. Washington 518-798-4926